Ironfly Execution Manager

GLOBAL EXECUTION: Ironfly EMS provides multi-broker multi-asset global trade execution to high touch and electronic market access, and FIX protocol execution for broker neutral order routing.


ALGO FAVORITES: Ironfly allows easy management of trade execution strategies.

Save time and conveniently set up your favorite algos by selecting algos’ destination and saving its parameters for quicker access.


DATA IMPORT: Conveniently import your execution data from an external provider and  keep enjoying Ironfly’s functionalities.

MARKET DATA: Ironfly EMS gives you the flexibility of seamless integration with your choice of market data.


BUBBLE CHARTS: Creating “Notional v Beta v Progress” is one of the use cases of how you can change quantitative parameters to have a better view of the factors considered while executing trades.

Add a second widget to your executions table. Choose a bubble chart and adjust multiple parameters on the right panel.


QUICK ESTIMATES: Automatic and live calculation of estimated commissions and fees allows you to plan your trade executions accordingly.


COMPLETION STATUS: Sunburst Diagram allows you to conveniently view statuses on current outbounds. When hovering over one of the slices, the category name and either percentages or numeric values of the two quantitative variables will be displayed.

Add a second widget and create a Sunburst Diagram. On the categorial panel to your right choose Status and Instrument Name. On the quantitative panel choose Notional Value.