Ironfly Data Management

Whether you’re a new firm starting with a blank slate looking for the scalable and robust architecture; or looking to aggregate one or more existing sources of data, Ironfly’s high performance, high availability database allows you to:

  • Utilise historical trade and reference data management, custom reporting and data warehousing, as well as pricing and valuation

  • Manage the migration of your historical data

  • Import trade history from external systems

  • View and filter trade history

  • Add and edit trade history data manually

  • Customise data displayed to only view relevant data for your organisation

  • Remain in control of your data at all times due to our non-proprietary storage format

  • Have complete workflow integration from portfolio management to trade execution

The Ironfly Data Architecture was built using the most recent approach to data processing, supporting constant data aggregation and analysis. Our core technology was created to populate and visualise data interactively in real time, so that traders can have a smooth and flawless experience.