Ironfly Visual Interface

Our core competitive advantage, unique in its purpose and execution, the Ironfly Visual Interface integrates leading research in cognition and neuroscience to deliver enhanced workflow with the goal of improving decision making and analysis. It is available for independent deployment to complement an existing enterprise workflow, or can be combined with our three modular systems for a scalable, turn-key analysis and trading solution.

Ironfly’s state-of-the-art platform enables secure and encrypted access to real-time, ad-hoc, interactive reports of portfolios, positions, and trades anytime and anywhere – from multi-window Mac, Windows, Linux terminals to iOS and Android mobile devices.

Ironfly ensures the view of your portfolio is always live, interactive, and self-correcting to help you make real-time decisions.

THEMES: Extensive customisation options allow you to make the software you use every day look the way you prefer.

Choose one of the theme options by going to Main Menu Settings Personal.


SHORTCUTS: Ironfly utilised keyboard shortcuts to provide maximum usability for the users.

Use the shortcut key “Shift /” to open the right settings for viewing and changing your keyboard shortcuts.  


DATA HIERARCHY: Make use of live, interactive charting and data visualisation by diving into each element of the chart.

Add a new widget with a chart. Click on one of the chart bars which represent the first category to open the next page with category 2 bars.


FAVORITE LAYOUTS: Users can customise their layouts to include a mix of tables and charts to enable efficient access to relevant data. These layouts can be saved as favorites and then accessed at any time. The system is designed to assist in every step of daily analysis so that you can have the best tailored experience possible.

After adding new widgets and setting up all the categories and quantitative parameters in your layout, the layout can be named by clicking on the star in the top panel and saved as a favorite. You will have access to it at any time in the main menu.  


QUICK FILTER: Dynamically filter with instant feedback. Instead of waiting for query responses, the Quick Search mechanism matches section-wide information as you type, from tickers and names, to countries and custom tags.

In the Filter section of the panel on the right, find the Quick Search window and type any instrument name, country, sector or other parameters you are searching for. The system will filter out the information as you type in your filter request.