Ironfly Order Manager

PRE-TRADE COMPLIANCE MECHANISM: Core to the Ironfly OMS, our customisable pre-trade compliance checks optimise workflow and protect trading. Using your ideal mix of hard and soft limits, our rules engine can cover everything from specific, per user fat-finger warnings; to firm-wide notional value restrictions.  


ORDER CREATION: Creating an order needs to be quick and convenient in order to allow the most efficient workflow of an OMS.

When you click on a position, a small window will conveniently pop up and allow you to quickly create a new order.


SYNCHRONIZATION: Carry over previous day’s trading information and start creating orders accordingly.

GLOBAL MARKETS ACCESSIBILITY: Receive data from major financial markets internationally, capitalize on utilizing global information for your financial success.   

USER CONNECTIVITY: Full individual and group level user permissioning control allows you to share order information and cooperate with your colleagues quickly and easily.

CONNECTED WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT: Communication between your Portfolio Managers, Traders and Risk Managers is essential for correct implementation of the investment strategy. Automatically making sure that tickets created by Portfolio Managers are received and executed by Traders and later analyzed by Risk Managers minimises error probability.  


ORDER EXECUTION: Having a convenient and efficient system that helps you execute orders is crucial for the success of your everyday workflow.

Simply click on one of your orders and execute it by clicking Release Outbound.


DATA INTEGRATION: Ironfly allows import and export of order information from external systems or directly from third parties through FIX.

VISUAL INTERFACE: Live, interactive charting and data visualisation help you better interpret daily order information quickly and conveniently.

FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT VARIETY: Ironfly’s  multi asset class support includes equities, currencies, fixed income, futures and options.

INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC EQUITIES BORROW LOCATE: Obtaining adequate stock borrow at the best rate manually is a time-consuming and inefficient process. By having electronic borrow locate directly integrated into the trade ticket, the system helps save time, reduce costs, and prevent shorting without the necessary shares. Viewing brokers and their rates compared in a single table within your order window is a practical enhancement for traders that value time and productivity. Once configured, the electronic locate function is available for all equity shorts, with quantities pre-filled for the trader to request immediately.

LIVE, REAL-TIME TCA: Quality management solution offering real-time and historical transaction cost analysis, makes it easy to quickly identify costly areas and use real-time feedback data to adjust strategies.


INTRADAY CHART: Being able to view data on orders with comparison to market benchmarks allows for analysis.

In the table, click on one of the orders, in the intraday graph, overlay market vwap, your own fills, and your average price over the day to compare individual trade performance in real time.