In an industry where opportunities are measured in milliseconds, and valued in millions, the Ironfly platform facilitates your ability to analyse and react by delivering your information visualised, in real time.

Ironfly’s functional focus is on the core of buy-side investment analysis and trading. These include the traditional Position, Order and Execution Management solutions that form the primary workflow of investment management.

Our product philosophy is one of client centricity combined with rapid iteration. Our development team adheres to the theory that frequent, continuous progress is the most effective way to adapt to the market demands and rapidly increasing technological influence on the trading industry. Our suite of customisable enterprise trading solutions, allow clients to supplement their most immediate needs, and also grow and adapt with them as needs evolve over time.

Ironfly Visual Interface

Our core product, unique in its purpose and execution, the Ironfly Visual Interface integrates leading research in cognition and neuroscience to deliver performance gains in decision making and analysis. Available for independent deployment to complement an existing enterprise workflow, or can be combined with a selection of modular systems below for a scalable, turn-key solution.

State-of-the-art platform enabling secure and encrypted access to real-time, ad-hoc, interactive reports of portfolios, positions, and trades anytime and anywhere – from multi-window desktop terminals to iOS and Android mobile devices.

Ironfly ensures the view of your portfolio is always live, interactive, and self-correcting to help you make real-time decisions.

  • Secure access to your data across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android

  • Extensive Customisation Options

  • Multi window and multi monitor support

  • Real-Time Data

  • Complete workflow integration from portfolio management to trade execution

  • Future proof workflows, using the most advanced technology available

  • Live, interactive charting and data visualisation

  • Live, real-time TCA (Transaction Cost Analysis)

  • Full user permissioning control

  • Keyboard shortcuts for maximum usability

Ironfly Research Manager 


For Analysts, Ironfly provides cutting edge technology to improve your ability to manage and report on your research. Collect your research in one place, store your own custom metrics for investment research, and share your research with your team.

  • Attribution for why you’ve bought & sold instruments

  • Track investment potential for your share watchlist

  • Store due diligence information on instruments & industries

  • Share proposed investment portfolio quickly and easily

  • Visualise your watchlist items to easily identify your greatest investment opportunities

  • Use your own custom metrics to track your watched instruments

  • Tag items to easily sort & filter

  • Share your research findings with anyone, quickly and easily

  • Audit past decisions for compliance

Ironfly Position Manager

Understanding your current portfolio holdings is critical. The Ironfly Position Manager allows you to analyse, review, and manage your entire portfolio in real time.

  • View and analyse your positions across multiple markets

  • Upload start of day positions or automatically calculate start of day positions from the previous day through Ironfly Data Manager

  • Display positions past and present, with performance, risk, and customised analytics

  • Live, interactive charting and data visualisation

  • Instantaneous filter and sort on data

  • View information for equities, currencies, fixed income, futures and options

  • Aggregation of data

  • Historical position views

  • Customisable views for faster access to relevant data

Ironfly Order Manager

Give your traders the tools that they need to manage workflows and task assignment throughout the day. Add further insight into trade decisions and facilitate interactions between Risk Managers, Investment Managers and Traders at any time over the trading day.

  • Pre-trade compliance

  • Pre-set execution functionality to send trade orders with a single mouse click

  • Eliminate the need to manage multiple systems or re-key critical information

  • Trade any market, worldwide

  • Live, interactive charting and data visualisation

  • Multi asset class support including equities, currencies, fixed income, futures and options

  • Full user permissioning control

  • Workflow management between your Portfolio Managers, Traders and Risk Managers

  • Import and export order information from external systems or directly from third parties through FIX

Ironfly Execution Manager

Allowing traders to execute trades, to buy and sell equities in worldwide markets through direct integration with your brokers. Have seamless integration with your market data, and execute your trade through the market, broker, and destination of your choice.

  • Multi-broker execution to high touch and electronic market access

  • FIX protocol execution for broker neutral order routing

  • Manage trade execution strategies

  • Automatic calculation of estimated commissions and fees

  • Import execution data from an external provider

Ironfly Data Manager

Whether you’re starting a new fund from scratch or migrating your existing trade data, our high performance, high availability database is engineered using the latest in enterprise and big-data storage solutions.

  • Historical trade and reference data management, custom reporting and data warehousing, as well as pricing and valuation

  • Ironfly will manage the migration of your historical data

  • Import trade history from external systems

  • View and filter trade history

  • Add and edit trade history data manually

  • Customise data displayed to only view relevant data for your organisation

  • Automatically populated from previous day Ironfly Order Management

  • Non-proprietary storage format ensures you remain in control of your data at all times

Ironfly Compliance Sentinel

Risk is not static. The Sentinel is a compliance engine that goes beyond pre-and post-trade checks - running in real-time as markets change - to let you get on with the job of analysis and trading. By setting your own custom rules you can be informed of potential breaches and prevent compliance issues before they occur. The real-time engine also runs to ensure compliance is maintained even as markets and prices change during the day.

  • Pre, post, and intraday trade compliance

  • Extensive portfolio, position, order, and execution compliance specification framework

  • Custom compliance rules to fit your organisational mandates and strategy

  • Comprehensive notification platform for user alerts on multiple levels of importance, from individual user targeted price alerts, to multiple user risk alerts for immediate actioning

Broker Connections

Ironfly offers trade routing and execution

  • For high touch, algo, and DMA destinations

  • To markets across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America

  • Via pre-existing broker connections, including: