Revolutionising trading to give you a competitive edge

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Flexible and Robust Platform

Ironfly provides a modular product suite that can be modified to adapt to your firm’s specific requirements and existing configuration. Seamless integration with any third party or proprietary trade workflow applications, including legacy portfolio, order, and execution management systems, market data, risk and analytics applications, compliance, and trade reporting services.

Enhancing your performance

Trade with a multi-asset class platform that helps you to identify opportunities, prevent errors, and respond faster on real-time information. Each element in our system has been carefully engineered using the latest developments in enterprise technology, cognitive research, and neuroscience – on the screen and behind the scenes – allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

Backed by scientific research

Integrates leading research in cognition and neuroscience to deliver performance gains in decision making and analysis. Enhance your cognitive capacity with Ironfly by taking the information you require to make complex decisions and converting it into a format that actively uses more of your brain's processing capabilities.

Insight anywhere

State-of-the-art platform enabling secure and encrypted access to real-time, ad-hoc, interactive reports of portfolios, positions, and trades anytime and anywhere – from multi-window desktop terminals to iOS and Android mobile devices.

Manipulate and interact directly with your data

Act on your ideas and insights within a single, unified platform. Ironfly provides the ability to respond to market events anytime, anywhere, and see the results live and interactively, across your entire organisation. Ironfly’s customisable, modular platform can aggregate and connect your custom functions as well, including in-house, legacy, and third party channels.

Identify and act on emerging trends faster

The information you have access to is your competitive edge. Aggregate your information sources, from transaction, portfolio, risk, and analytics data, to ensure you have the most connected possible access to the information most valuable to you. Gain firm-wide transparency and operational efficiency by automating custom compliance processes.


Visualise relationships and patterns in your data

Ironfly provides intuitive, real-time visualisation views to gain valuable insights into information across your organisation, and its interaction with live market data. Customise data and generate bespoke analytics to shortcut your investigation of trends, patterns, and relationships to get ahead of the curve. Ironfly provides a platform to enable what is most important - minimise risk and maximise return.